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Normatec 3.0 Arm Attachment Pair

Normatec 3.0 Arm Attachment Pair

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◼︎ Pair of Normatec Arm Attachments

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The Normatec Arm Attachments provide a dynamic air compression massage all the way from your shoulders to your fingertips. The arm attachment fills with air to create a massage around your bicep, tricep, and deltoid muscles.

Normatec 3.0 Arm Attachments Pair only includes the pair of arm attachments. It does not include the control unit.

Get relief where you need it most by using this attachment with your Normatec control unit which can be purchased with the Legs Set.

The arm attachment feature five overlapping zones that deliver a tension-relieving massage to your hand, forearm, elbow, upper arm, and shoulder, and an elastic band with an adjustable buckle to hold the attachment to your body hands-free. This high-quality sleeve allows for a gapless compression.

The ultimate massage experience

Warm-up and recover like never before. The Normatec 3 uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that helps you feel refreshed faster. 7 levels of compression and our patented Pulse technology deliver precise treatment to 5 overlapping zones with ZoneBoost™ by using biomimicry to replicate the natural muscle pumps and one way valves of the arm. Trust us, your arms will thank you.

Intuitive, refreshed design

Normatec 3’s refreshed system design features an intuitive interface, reduced weight, and the ability to unlock next-level features and customization through the Bluetooth® connected Hyperice App. Simply zip in and power up the most advanced dynamic air compression system on the planet.

Backed by science, used by the best

Designed by an MD, PhD, Normatec is the original, most tested, and most scientifically backed dynamic air compression system on the market. Designed to provide improved mobility and profound restorative healing results, Normatec has long been the most trusted system by the world’s top athletes and consumers everywhere looking to advance their wellness.

What does it do:
  • Give your body a boost
  • Unlock your next level with a faster warmup/down
  • Conquer sore muscles
  • Get science-backed recovery
  • Customize your sessions with curated routines in the Hyperice App.
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Attachments: Arm attachments (2)
  • Arm attachment dimensions: 13 x 20 x 8 inches | 33.0 x 50.8 x 20.3 cm
  • Attachments compatible with Normatec 3, Normatec 2.0 and Normatec 2.0 Pro control units.
  • ZoneBoost™ technology: Provides extra time and pressure in a particular zone
  • Bluetooth: Connects to the Hyperice App
  • TSA approved.