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Want a pack of just Air Compression sessions or just Hot/Cold Plunge sessions?

Then our convenient bulk buy of individual sports recovery service sessions— will provide you the support you need at a discounted price—to fit your budget. Talk to us if you can't see what you want.

So why wait? Start feeling your best today with our sports recovery services. 

How this works:

  1. When you add the pack of your choice to your cart—go to the checkout and pay for your pack.
  2. When you are ready - go to the "Book Recovery Session" from the website menu. This will give you a Button for Members Sessions so you can use one of your pre-paid sessions. Click this button, a new page will appear and then book into a session date & time.
  3. This will add your session to the cart at $0.00. Go through the checkout where it will acknowledge the free price. The checkout is the way it confirms your booking and it will then deduct a session from your pack.
  4. You can CHECK THE BALANCE of the value remaining on your Pack whenever you like within your customer account. Look for the Yellow Dot at the bottom of your screen, View your Account, Choose "My Memberships/Packs.