Feeling a 4/10? It's Recovery Time! Know When to Book Your Next Massage or Physiotherapy Session in Vancouver

Nicholas Fadden

Hey Vancouverites, let’s play a game of ‘Body Check Bingo’! Feeling stiff as a boardwalk on Granville Island or like you've climbed a thousand steps after the Grouse Grind? It might just be time to roll the dice on recovery with a massage, stretch, or physio session at The Cove Sports Recovery.


Bingo! Is It Time to Recover?

If you're walking around feeling like you're a 4/10 on the ‘feels good’ scale, it's your body’s way of flashing the check engine light. Now, we wouldn’t want that to turn into a full-blown breakdown, would we?


Massage O'Clock

Feeling tense? A study in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research found that massage therapy significantly reduces muscle soreness and enhances recovery (Jain et al., 2020). So, if your muscles are feeling tighter than the Lion's Gate at rush hour, it's time to book a massage.


Stretch It Out

Stretching isn’t just for yogis or mornings. It’s for anyone who’s been sitting, standing, or existing. The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports tells us that stretching can improve flexibility and decrease injury risk (Andersen, 2005). If you're as flexible as a totem pole, let's loosen you up with a personalized stretch session.


Physiotherapy to the Rescue

Ever felt a twinge and thought, “Hm, that’s new”? Well, the British Journal of Sports Medicine reports that early physiotherapy intervention can prevent acute issues from becoming chronic pain (Childs et al., 2005). If your body's sending SOS signals, it's time to see a physio. Soon to added to our great team.


The Cove's Recovery Scorecard

At The Cove Sports Recovery, we’re all about keeping things fun and feeling great. Here’s a playful guide:

  • Feeling 3/10? You’re a prime candidate for a recovery day with us.
  • At 5/10? Let’s keep it that way with some preventive stretching.
  • Hitting a 7/10? Nice, but let’s book a check-in to ensure you stay in the game.


Whether you're a weekend warrior or a desk jockey, recovery isn’t just a luxury; it’s essential maintenance. So, come on down to The Cove Sports Recovery when your body hints it's time, and let’s turn that 4/10 into a full-on, confetti-throwing 10/10!



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For more information on the benefits of early physiotherapy, check out this article from the British Journal of Sports Medicine here.

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